So I’m the last person in the world to break this story, but in case you haven’t heard, your car may now be vulnerable to hackers. Thankfully, Chrysler has issued a recall for the affected vehicles.

I know that we all want to be connected all the time, and that the convenience adds a lot to our lives. I don’t even remember how I used to get around town without GPS to guide me. I think I got lost a lot. And remembered exit numbers a lot better than I do now.

But this is the price we pay. For each convenience that allows helpful data in, a hacker sees a way to get their own data in instead. When you’re looking for your next vehicle, for each helpful little gadget, ask yourself what could happen if it went terribly wrong. When your doctor wants to monitor your health over the Internet, ask her how your private data is being protected. And if someone offers you a bionic implant that can be “updated” remotely, just say no.