So…I’m Marianne. As you’d probably guessed. And this is my blog.

I’ve worked as a software developer and a security engineer. My official title is actually “Cyber Engineer,” which I think is the coolest job title ever. In both the software and security domains, documentation is invaluable. But sometimes you just get that weird error that the official documentation doesn’t address. When that happens, Google is your best friend. Well, Google plus all the wonderful individuals who have already experienced the problem and posted a question in the forum or a blog post about it.

So I wanted to work on my writing skills, and I wondered, why not be one of those people with the blog that comes in handy when you need a little push in the right direction?

So this blog is partly my journal of products I’ve learned to use and problems I’ve overcome. The other part may consist of my musings on security, hardware and software reviews, book reviews, and more.

I hope that you find something interesting here. If I can help someone to that head-smacking, so-that’s-how-you-do-it moment, that would be great. If I help you, please let me know in the comments!